Five Helpful Tips for Brand Marketing on Facebook in 2018

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Your brand can establish a stronger digital presence by increasing the size of its audience on Facebook. With more than a billion active daily users, Facebook is the best place to try and get more attention on the internet.

There are a few key tactics that you should use to get better results on the world’s biggest social media network. This guide will walk you through the five most important things that you can do to improve your brand marketing strategy on Facebook for 2018.

#1 Video Content is Crucial for Facebook

Facebook is gradually transforming itself into a video platform. As mobile devices and affordable computers get better, it is becoming more feasible for consumers to watch video content all of the time.

Videos are more captivating and hold audience attention for longer than photos or text-only posts do. They’re also a little bit harder to make, meaning that great video content is a rare and valuable commodity. If you create high-quality videos to post on your brand’s Facebook page, you will gain fans as a result.

#2 Buy Ads to Accelerate Progress

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platforms in the world. They have collected so much data on their users that they can offer very specific targeting for advertisers. These ads are still under-priced compared to other forms of internet advertising.

If you have never purchased a Facebook ad before, now is a good time to try it. There are many guides on the internet for how to design and order your first ad. This is one of the fastest tactics for building an audience on Facebook.

#3 Engage With Your Fans

One of the best ways to build deep a connection with your audience is to engage with them in the comments. When somebody posts a comment on your content, they are hoping for a response. In the noisy social media landscape, most people are just trying to get noticed.

Don’t engage with negative comments. There is not a lot of value to be gained out of arguing with haters. Keep it positive and respond to good comments to build more of a community in your comment section.

#4 Live Streaming is Powerful

Once you get good at pre-recorded video content, you can work on your live streaming to take it to the next level. Live streams are great because they get premium placement in the Facebook news feed. It’s common for a live stream to be pushed straight to the top of the feed for many followers.

It’s also a new and difficult skill. It takes time to figure out how to entertain an audience while you are live on air. If you don’t feel comfortable developing this skill yourself, you will need to find a good brand representative who can do it for you.

#5 Collaborate With Other Brands

You will have the chance to impress other brands’ audiences when you work together to create Facebook content. There are some simple ways to do this.

For example, you can work with a local blog. Give them a press release that they can turn into a small feature on their site, then share the link to the article on both of your social media pages. Alternately you can commission some artwork from a local artist and post the results on your Facebook page, tagging everybody involved.

The key is to bring together multiple brands that have some overlap with their fan bases. When you pick the right brand to collaborate with, you maximise the value of your collaboration.

Growing Your Facebook Brand

Few social media brands grow huge overnight. You should be prepared to work hard for all of 2018 if you want to see significant improvement with your audience size and engagement on the internet.

Make it your goal to provide as much value as you can to your audience through Facebook. That’s how to get people hooked on your brand. If your content is great and you treat your fans with respect, your page could grow much larger as the year 2018 rolls on.

Alisan is the Head of Media & PR at Lambie UK. Having worked in the online space for more than 10 years working alongside some big name partners including Google, Alisan now likes to share various marketing techniques with her clients and visitors at Lambie UK.